Our online web shops for sports clubs, organisations and businesses were a popular way for customers to shop and buy their team kit, with the option of personalisation on our old website. However, with new branding and as we diversify into new sectors, we wanted to create an online ordering system bespoke to each club, school or business with the key aim of being quick and simple to order from.

We’ve worked with Staffordshire based NetBiz on a completely new online portal based system. This allows each club or organisation to have its own web shop within a portal. Each portal has its own URL and can also be password protected if requested. Customers can then see the products from their own organisation only and order directly from us. Each portal is personalised with images and logos and delivery options can be added or removed to suit. We can also add in links to social media pages and club websites if required. Customers are notified of progression and completion of their order in real time via email.

Our portals are currently in use by schools, businesses, sports clubs and charities which reflects the diversity of this system to be able to create a unique platform.

For businesses, key features include – a manager sign off option, password protected site and the ability to place a proforma order which is then invoiced directly to your accounts department.

For clubs and organisations, it removes the stress of collecting payments and bulk ordering, with clear size guides for customers to use when ordering and a free collect from us option for local customers.

For charities, we can work with you to use this as a fundraising tool, whereby you receive cashback on each sale made through your web portal, factored into the garment costs when the portal is created.

Check out a couple of examples of our portals here…. We love creating new portals and ranges with our customers, so drop us a line if you’d like to find out more.

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